Calf Mon, Sep 18 2017 20:00

Calf drama! Photo finish in a bunched battle for first place.

Charles C

With seven teams fighting it out for quiz glory last night, it was almost no surprise that four teams had the same score at half-time. The vociferous 'Team Discovery Channel' - having entered the quiz on a whim - found their focus and knuckled down (ended up winning some bar snacks). 'Stan-Wheat' put in a sterling, first appearance at The Calf, earning themselves a bag of sweets a long the way.

With a quiz offering I would describe as rich, there were testing questions on the MGM lion, the Stone Roses and Paris Hilton but 'Chili Puffs', whose quizzing has gone from strength to strength over the past few weeks, and newbies 'Quiztique Ladeez' both showed tremendous depth of knowledge.

'Hawaii Is The Wettest State' put in another strong performance while enjoying the bar tab that they won last week; again proving their general knowledge skill beating questions on Mecca, Paul Newman and Magma. However, with just one point between them: mega-duo, ‘We Can’t Think Of A Good Name’ narrowly missed out to ‘The Craptaculars’ in a thrilling dash for the finish line.

The ‘Chili Puffs’ managed to guess the exact height of the Burj al-Arab hotel, earning the right to play for the jackpot. The cards were cruel, however, and we had a jackpot rollover. Should be over £100 next week. The cash beckons – come and claim it!

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