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Call of Quizthullu

Mark W

On the way to the quiz last night I had to stop in an internet cafe because my printer had run out of ink. The computer terminal I was directed to was the number 13. I had sufficient answer sheets and only needed to print picture clues and questions. When I counted up the number of sheets I'd printed to the man at the counter... it was 13. And at the beginning of the quiz I counted the number of players. It was 13.

Fortunately, about five questions in Get Fact arrived with three players thus breaking the curse. Who knows what might have happened otherwise and what dark forces might have been unleashed? No one! No one can answer that question, which is why it wasn't included in the quiz. No one could answer the one about Bunyips either, but Steve Irwin was a very close guess.

Which leads me to the Hallowe'en Creative Challenge. All excellent entries; if only they could all have prizes, but they can't for life is cruel and torturous. So in third place, The Curtain Raisers offered a red skull; although there was a very splendid green skull created by 55 Days Until Christmas that very nearly achieved the same position. The Top Trumps produced a very detailed Jack O'Lantern and The Spooktaculars a bat with some fine facial features that the attached photo does not do justice to!

55 Days Until Christmas won another opportunity to play for the Jack Pot, taking their chances with the Devil's picture book (that's a pack of playing cards to you or me - when I'm not doing this horror schtick). This time we lowered the number of cards in the higher or lower round to five. The opening card was a very promising four. The intrepid team elected, very wisely, to call "higher". The next card was turned to reveal a five. An unsettling development. With trepidation the team quoth "higher again" whereupon the next card turned to reveal another four. Four plus five plus four! Perhaps the curse of thirteen had not been lifted after all! (cue: spooky music)

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