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“Came for the quiz, stayed for the jackpot” – Charlie’s Angels, 3-Apr-17

Charles C

What’s the connection between: a lion’s tail; Christina Ricci; and, the Tory party? Answer: they all featured in last night’s quiz at The Calf.

The inescapable truth is that there was more winning at last night’s quiz than even Charlie Sheen could have dreamed of. For ‘The Craptaculars’ it was not just the chance to celebrate an important birthday (and share some exquisite cheesecake brownies with everyone – very kind, thank you) but it was also the chance to win the top prize in the quiz. Happy Birthday, indeed, Drew!

For 'Charlie’s Angels' (a thinly-veiled but much enjoyed QuizMaster-dedicated team name) it was Cold. Hard. Cash. Not content to be runner-up in the quiz, their estimation of the world Rubik’s cube record (4.9sec, if you’re interested) earned them the right to play for the jackpot. Walking the tightrope of adrenaline that is Higher-or-Lower with our deck of cards: £182 was theirs.

Meanwhile – as if all the winning wasn’t exciting enough – in Dorset, it was also my mother’s birthday. Despite not really understanding pub quizzes, she's still a legend. Our legend. #blessed

Could April have started any better? Come along next Monday and find out!

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