Calf Mon, Oct 17 2016 20:00

Create-aceous Win For Monkey Tennis

Mark W

Monkey Tennis won tonight's quiz by a horny nose when their orange Henearlisaurus provided them the bonus points they needed to pull out in the lead by a mere point. In fact, they weren't the only team who gained a winning advantage from paleontological plasticine endeavour, as the Creepy Guys in the Corner were nudged up from last place to second-to-last place, with their plasticine plesiosaur. Second-to-last place entitling them to the bar snack consolation prize. Just as well because, despite winning the bonus jackpot question, they didn't make it through the Play Your Cards Right round to win the rollover Jackpot which now stands at £102, which will have grown even more by next Monday when we quiz again at the Calf in Clapham.

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