Calf Mon, Oct 09 2017 20:00

Double trouble in the double tie-breaker

Charles C

We love drama at The Calf and we had Drama with a capital ‘D’ last night, with playoffs for 1st and 4th place fought through a tie-breaker on when the world’s first phone call happened. (1876, if you’re interested). ‘Coalition of Chaos’ were anything but chaotic in their clinical finish, inching ahead of the mysteriously named, ‘SI’, to take the bar tab first prize. 'SI' had been just as impressive though with a strong knowledge of Mickey Mouse and Mount Rushmore. 'The Craptaculars', though only at numerical half-strength, still earned a well-deserved third place, with an instant recognition of Hooch (from Turner and Hooch) setting them apart in the film question.

The 4th/5th play-off saw ‘Mixed Nuts’ face ‘Team Nice’ for a bag of sweeties and despite what their name would suggest, their quiz knowledge was neither mixed nor nuts. There were crowd murmurings that they shouldn’t have been there given the controversial question on Europe’s mountainous country. Andorra was a robust answer but Switzerland was what the gods of quiz had decided was the right one. Oh, well. Best not to dwell.

'The Rozel Rascals' quizzed in what very much became the proverbial ‘game of two halves’. Finding their stride in the second half, they finished with an admirable score. Knowledge of Disney, Margot Robbie and the Hunger Games seeing them through.

'Coalition of Chaos' nearly had a double-win, getting four out of five cards through our jackpot round. £150 was there to be won but it was snatched from their grasp by the cheeky Jack of Diamonds. Next week, folks. Next week!

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