Calf Mon, Mar 27 2017 20:00

Edge-of-the-seat thriller at The Calf! One point in it by the end

Charles C

In an all-too-common blink of an eye, ‘Spot-on Stats’ changed a correct answer on ‘What is killed by analgesics?’ from ‘Pain’ (- the right answer) to red blood cells. That moment; that echo in time; that beat of a butterfly’s wing rippled through the rest of the quiz as by the end of the 40 questions, The Craptaculars were ahead by just…one point. Frustrated, they battled into the jackpot round (£166 at stake) only then to miss out my a whisker on getting to play the cards for the cash. Bah!

Still, we had a lot of fun. A cracking set of a questions on: anteaters, Russell Crowe and fortnights amongst even more of a mixed bag than seen recently. One team giving a mobile number as their team name was a personal highlight! Great banter all round.

That said, there is quite a pot of money to be won c£180-90 next week. Only way to win is to come and quiz at The Calf. Same time, next week.

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