Calf Mon, Nov 20 2017 20:00

Finally, we found out why Mary Poppins left

Charles C

Clapham’s finest gathered at The Calf last night for a dynamic evening of quizzing. 'Chili Puffs' proved their skills, by tackling questions on horror films and the iPod Shuffle. ‘Hawaii Is The Wettest State’ swapped a couple of right answers for wrong ones (a quiz team’s worst nightmare) but were still excellent on tube stations and the Copacabana beach in Rio. However, ‘The Craptaculars’ edged ahead, demonstrating a breadth of expertise that ranged from Star Wards (Episode IV) to Bratislava. Top quizzing. In case you were wondering, we also found out that Mary Poppins left ‘when the wind changed’.
Jackpot rollover. Show me the money!!

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