Calf Mon, Jun 06 2016 20:00

Good Weather Fails To Stop Play

Mark W

Extraordinarily good weather for England tonight, but that didn't stop our regular team, Quizteam Aguilera from taking the top prize!

There was however a Quizmaster, a set of picture clues, and a whole bunch of questions - surely no problem is insurmountable, so rather like an amoeba Aguilera were not deterred by not having a partner and simply split into two separate organisms and took on themselves.

In the true spirit of bohemian rebellion we cocked a snook at the conventional herd and we didn't even need to know what a "snook" was to cock one! Remember, the heresy of today is the orthodoxy of tomorrow; it is the rebels that are the trendsetters not the trend followers. Join us at the quiz at the Calf next week before it becomes popular and stops being cool. What I can assure you; if you want there to be a quiz, by hook, crook or snook, there will be one!

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