Calf Mon, Oct 16 2017 20:00

Half-a-point between first and second

Charles C

After a full quiz, with c40 points available, less than one point was all that separated winners, ‘Sorry, We’re Canadian’ from runners-up, ‘Not A Claire In The World’. In a cruel twist of fate 'NACITW' had changed a right answer for a wrong one in the dying seconds of the quiz and snatched 2nd place from the jaws of victory. That’s one of the reasons we love quizzing though. It can come down to the wire and it can change in a heartbeat. The other main reason is the trivia we pick up along the way. For example, we had questions, on Nuuk (the capital of Greenland); Life of Pi; Lionel Messi and Nicoise salads. There really was something for everyone.

‘Chilli Puffs’ returned for another strong performance, displaying an admirable knowledge of Komodo Dragons and Ronda Rousey. We also welcomed back ‘The Three Little Pigs’, who having had a storming first half, lost a bit of energy in the second. They did, however, go on to produce the closest guess in our jackpot questions (When was Scrabble first released? 1938 – if you’re wondering) and, having beaten the cards, walked away with the best part of £140. Well done them.

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