Calf Mon, Jun 19 2017 20:00

Half-time three-way tie. Jackpot rollover – thanks, Gordon Brown!

Charles C

It is a rare thing to have three teams all on the same score at half-time but that was the situation in which we found ourselves last night at The Calf. I don’t want to hyperbolise but it was truly thrilling quizzing. Questions on Jack Wills, Sonic the Hedgehog, Shrove Tuesday and Tupac provided an excitingly broad question array with which the teams wrestled most impressively.

A re-branded ‘Quizpicable Me 2’ – again – picked up the best score on a per-person basis, demonstrating their impressive knowledge of Irish names (Sean is the Irish equivalent for John – howboutdat?). Clocking up third position was newbies: ‘The Team In The Middle, Next To The Wall’, who were very strong on the cryptic countries questions and with their mosquito knowledge. Runners-up were other newbies: ‘The Pheasant Pluckers’, who got to grips with the picture questions particularly well. Leading the pack was ‘The Craptaculars’ with an enviable score and their own pleasingly enthusiastic rendition of The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony in the lyrics teaser.

In other news, we had another jackpot rollover. c£150 to be won next week.

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