Calf Mon, Sep 11 2017 20:00

‘Hawaii Is The Wettest State’ get the win

Charles C

Despite the deluge outside, the atmosphere inside The Calf last night was anything but soggy. ‘Hadrian’s Fall’ and ‘Chilli Puffs’ had an impressive knowledge of Marilyn Monroe and the LA Dodgers, each team walking away with prizes. A new team I decided to call ‘The Steps Fan Club’ put in a strong effort; knowing about The Bada Bing Nightclub and rum distillery. In the end, the top two spots were fought out between ‘The Tortoise Turtles’ and ‘Hawaii Is The Wettest State’ – with just 2.5 points between them.

In summary, there was a concerning familiarity with the film: The Human Centipede; an inspiring knowledge of the Greek army’s white kilts; and, a pleasing frustration with my question on cutting an earthworm in half. The jackpot was not won. Rollover for next week!

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Hawaii Is The Wettest State
The Turtle-Tortoises
The Steps Fan Club
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