Calf Mon, May 15 2017 20:00

‘Hawaii Is The Wettest State’ hit the double: quiz AND jackpot! Unbelievable scenes!

Charles C

A metaphorical photo finish was needed to determine the winners of last night’s quiz. ‘Hawaii Is The Wettest State’ edged ahead, by one mark, of ‘Brayburne Bandits’ to take 1st prize. A sturgeon’s egg behind them came ‘Hot To Trout’, who had already demonstrated their prowess by winning both free drink prizes. As if that level of intensity wasn’t high enough, HITWS then went on to win the jackpot, scooping £144 to round off an excellent evening’s quizzing.

The picture round was testing but there were lots of juicy trivia nuggets for us to take away. Did you know, for example, that Sri Lanka was the first island nation to have a female Prime Minister? Or, that Zebras are the last mammal that you would find in the dictionary? We give away knowledge golddust like this every week at The Calf. I can already sense, next week is going to be another belter. #MissItMissOut #hasttag

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