Calf Mon, Jul 24 2017 20:00

‘Hawaii Is The Wettest State’ return for victory

Charles C

An impressive night’s quizzing took place at The Calf last night. Somehow teams knew who the second oldest Spice Girl was (is?); they made light work of a question on Groundhog Day; and, even defeated a tricky riddle about the Post Office. ‘Quizlamic Extremists’ and ‘Razta Pattern’ got close to a record for a first-half score but, the one-man band of ‘My Wife Said She Would Rather Watch Love Island’ broke the record for points on a per-team-member basis. However, last night also saw the return of two-thirds of ‘Hawaii Is The Wettest State’ and, even with a team member absent, they stormed to victory in a second-half thriller.

On top of all this, ‘Quizlamic Extremists’ won through to the jackpot round and, after blitzing my higher-or-lower card game, took home the £238. Cold hard cash. Quite a return on their £2 entry fee. It was as easy as that.

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Hawaii Is The Wettest State
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