Calf Mon, May 01 2017 20:00

“If at first you don’t succeed: quiz, quiz and quiz again (and bring more mates)

Charles C

Packed to the rafters for a Bank Holiday Quiz Extravaganza at The Calf

To quote The Four Seasons 1963 mega-hit: “Oh, what a night!” Last night’s quiz at The Calf was awash with quizzing intensity. What a night, indeed. The night started very noisily, but with nine teams vying for glory and the famous bar tab prize, things transformed so that come half-time, it was quieter than my GCSE Latin exam: heads down, all to play for. At that point, quite a gulf separated teams on the free drink question on guessing the weight of the world’s heaviest ever egg (answers ranging from 360grams to 50 – yes, 50! – kilograms) but barely a handful of points separated teams in the quiz itself.

‘Lets’ Get Quizzical’, ‘Big Fact Hunt (7)’, ‘Big Fact Hunt’ (6-8), ‘Arnold Quizeneggar’ and ‘Vladmir Quizchenko’ were all within spitting distance of ‘The Craptaculars’ and the tension continued to build. The two couple teams - one dubbing themselves ‘Not Very Good At Quizzes’ and the other ‘Vladimir Quizzco’ – were miles ahead on a points per person basis. Unfortunately, that’s not how quizzes are marked. Sterling efforts from both teams, though, with some particularly high-brow, blue-sky thinking on some of the concept questions in the second half. Particular kudos to NVGAQ and ‘Lets’ Get Quizzical’ for some stunning thinking on the matchstick moving test.

The two ‘Big Fact Hunt’ teams fought hand-over-fist to catch up with The Craptaculars and narrowly missed out by thinking that a Vietnamese pot-bellied monkey/snake was more plausible than the right answer of a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig. One member of ‘BFH (7)’ did earn herself a free drink in the second free drink question (the world record for unicycling), just one of the many prizes across the evening.

At the stretch for the finish, you could not get a Rizla paper between the top 5 teams – just 3 points separating them. ‘The Craptaculars’ just took it, deciphering the Hilary Clinton anagram question in the dying seconds of the round. ‘Vladmir Quizchenko’ earned themselves the right to play the jackpot (£96) but fell on the first card flop. Bah! That does mean it’s a rollover. Over £100 to play for next week, only at The Calf. See you there.

“If at first you don’t succeed: quiz, quiz and quiz again (and bring more mates).” – Winston Churchill (probably)

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