Calf Mon, Aug 22 2016 20:00

If you have half a mind - double it.

Mark W

The Monday quiz at The Calf is rebirthing. If you've come in at any time of the Summer months you may have come to expect a rather intimate affair, with on one occasion a team of four having to split into two to play against itself. Well that was then this is now. A recent surge in popularity has made The Calf the place to be on a Monday night in Clapham, with tonight a splendid cash prize of £36 to our winning team the TMZ and a free round of drinks to The Big Fact Hunts who were our runners up. We're expecting that cash prize to grow over the coming months as we roll towards Christmas, so if you've been to The Calf before and had half a mind to come back - double it and make it a full mind; now is the time! Hope to see you next Monday.

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