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Kiwis Give Blessing To Sweet Potato Match

Mark W

After a game in which England, New Zealand and Austalia were all represented at The Calf in Clapham, the trophy was New Zealands, but the Test Match was the English team - tellingly calling themselves First Date. Before meeting Hugo, Harriet had already fallen for a sweet potato; or to be precise had fallen because of a sweet potato which had escaped from it's appropriate packaging in a local branch of the co-op and taken on a role more stereotypically associated with a banana skin. Hence it was unnecessary for Hugo to sweep Harriet off of her feet because she was already off them when they first met. He merely had to help her find them again, and get back onto them. The ice broken (it may or may not have been a frozen sweet potato, but for the sake of argument let's say it was, and assume that the ice was broken) they decided to put their compatibility to the test with a Question One quiz.

Tonight's quiz winners were Tom Daley Rules - six boys from New Zealand who had grown up together in New Zealand, with three of them attending the same primary school, and by sheer coincidence had wound up living in London at exactly the same time as each other. A formidable brotherhood indeed, that quickly took the lead and held it until the end.

As far as they were concerned the game was reward enough for playing and they cared for no further profit by it, but instead used the prize money to present a bottle of wine to the romantic couple, who in turn shared that bottle of wine with the winners.

There's a warm generous hearted community growing at the Calf so if you're at a loose end on a Monday night in Clapham, and you're friendly sorts of people yourselves, you know where you will find a welcome.

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