Calf Mon, Apr 17 2017 20:00

‘Let’s Get Down To Quizness!’ mix quizness with pleasure

Charles C

There can come a time in a quiz team’s life where all members find a rhythm and prove themselves to be ready for whatever comes their way (cryptic tube stations; movie posters; song lyrics – the works). Monday 17th April was one such time for ‘Let’s Get Down To Quizness!’ Making their first appearance at The Calf, they were all level with dynamic duo, ‘Double Trouble’ at the half-time mark but edged ahead in the second half as their momentum grew.

When it came to pop culture knowledge, though, ‘Double Trouble’ was unstoppable and had finished some answers even before I’d finished giving the question. Excellent stuff. Making their return, ‘Quizzy Rascals’ put on a fine show, particularly with the music questions. However, the team kept some of its powder dry for the jackpot round, getting within 3km of the right answer to a question on the longest solo unassisted ocean swim record (112km – if you’re interested). Nailing the higher-or-lower card round meant they walked home with the cash. Prizes all around. What a night!

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