Calf Mon, Sep 26 2016 20:00

No Kryptonite for Curtain Raisers

Mark W

As it was Batman day this Monday, the Calf's quizzers set about making plasticine renditions of their own favourite superheroes. Ali Walker's Barmy Army offered us Britain's own Man of Steel, Jeremy Corbyn in a diorama that would please the executives of Virgin trains. I did point out that I only bore a resemblance to Richard Branson; I'm not actually he. So they didn't get any points making only third place, but their work is included in the hall of fame. In second place The Curtain Raisers offer up Dangermouse and Penfold in a suitably two-dimensional Mark III that conveninetly accounts for why their bodies don't extend below the chest. The astounding outright winner was BTG's Amazing Spiderman, however the extra bonus marks proved to be no Kryptonite for The Curtain Raisers who remained the outright winner of the quiz for the second week running giving them the status of reigning champions whom the challenge is extended to topple.

Next week, however, The Quiz undergoes it's own mutation due to a bite from a radioactive Question One and develops the new super power of more ways to win, a Jackpot Joker section with a rollover prize that may increase to up to £250 for a lucky guesstimator, as well as a guaranteed £40 bar tab to the winner of the main quiz.

So tune in next week - same quiz-time, same quiz-channel.... well... pub actually.

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