Calf Mon, Feb 13 2017 20:00

No love lost for Cohesive Agents in pre-Valentine’s Day thriller

Charles C

Any quiz that sees the top three teams separated by half a point has got to be a good one. #AmIRight? And last night’s session at The Calf was one such quiz. It was close at half-time and even closer at full time as six teams battled it out for the weekly prize smorgasbord.

The SesQuizCentennials (a name taking inspiration from a question on how many years a ‘sesquizcentenary’ is celebrating (answer: 150 – who knew?)) just missed out on the tie-breaker but had a very strong quiz. Cohesive Agents just nipped The Craptaculars for the top spot in being slightly closer when guessing the height of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Full credit to the two-people teams of ‘There’s No ‘I’ In Team But There Are Two In Little Mix’ and antipodeans, ‘MaD’, both of which had impressive evenings. Team Tim – a late starter at the halfway mark had a blinder of a second half and then only narrowly missed out on playing the jackpot.

Favourite answer of the night was in response to the question: “Which is the biggest selling band in the history of the UK singles charts that is not from Britain, Ireland or America?” Crowded House was a bold call. Still, come to the quiz next week (a jackpot rollover) and you don’t even need to bring the weather with you. Howboutdat? CashmeINside

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