Calf Mon, Oct 30 2017 20:00

Six-way battle royale

Charles C

Questions on The Office, the Queen, 50 Shades of Grey and Taco Bell ensured teams were kept on their toes last night at The Calf. The one-man band: ‘The Craptacular’ (a subversive – or flattering – allusion to the eventual winners) was far and away the most dangerous on a points-per-person basis, while the ‘Rozel Rascals’ returned to a very consistent two halves of quizzing (earning the much-coveted bar snacks).

Taking center-stage in the middle of the arena (we can call it an arena), ‘The Legends in the Middle’ put in a strong performance and had there been just a smattering more questions on Sweden, would have done even better. New team: ‘Better Late Than Pregnant’ surprised themselves with their level of knowledge, showing exemplary skill in handling questions on everything from battleships to Poison Ivy.

Wrestling for the top spot were old rivals: ‘Coalition of Chaos’ and 'The Craptaculars', just one point between them at half-time. 'The Craptaculars' played their numerical advantage to edge ahead for first prize.

'Rozel Rascals' guessed exactly correctly regarding the number of UK pubs closed per week in 2016 (27 apparently) but the cards were cruel. The jackpot rolls over. More to play for next week. Come and get it.

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