Calf Mon, Aug 21 2017 20:00

The Arm Wrestlers get the victory they came for. Shrimps and Bananas are taken off the menu.

Charles C

With the quiz area full, the room was buzzing for what had hotly been tipped to be ‘a pub quiz in Clapham on a Monday evening.’ How correct that tip was. Quizzers from Australia, Scotland, South Africa, America, and Kennington built up an impressively international roster for a quiz that tested people on everything from JK Rowling to the viola, and from Guinness to Coronation St. As ever, there was something for everyone.

By the close, ‘Arm Wrestling With Chaz And Dave’ earned the bar tab first prize with a monstrous score; only their sixth appearance but they were adamant that they were there for glory. Close behind them were ‘The Ball Busters’, running on puppy power, and the ever-impressive ‘Craptaculars’. Our antipodean friends, aptly named ‘Ask Wayne’, put in a fine performance as did the transatlantic trio: ‘Quizards’, making their first appearance at The Calf, earning themselves the right to keep one of my pens. ‘Ceefax the Cat’ returned to put in another excellent effort, particularly on a per-person basis, earning themselves the coveted bar snacks. Just behind them was: ‘Two Thorns And A Rose’, whose pop culture knowledge earned them much kudos.

Ball Busters won through to my higher-or-lower jackpot round but missed out on the £104 prize. Should be £130-140 next week. Come and get it.

At the end of it all, I learned three things: (1) Free drink questions will never get old; (2) Florence Nightingale had a pet owl; and, (3) no-one – but no-one – likes the ‘Shrimps & Bananas’ sweets that I have been bringing along. I shall not bring them again.

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