Calf Mon, Nov 28 2016 20:00

The Craptaculars return! The jackpot rolls over

Charles C

A down-to-the-wire finish saw 'The Craptaculars' beat 'Up Yours, Beardy' in a tie-breaker at the end of last night's quiz. A fiery set of questions saw the teams bunched for the first half but more spread out after a few Classics teasers and a three-parter about the real names of a broad array of celebrities.

'The Curtain Raisers' put in another very strong effort to jump past 'It'll Come To Me' and 'Rudolf's Republicans' for 3rd place. Meanwhile, 'The EggNog Heads' won the 2nd-from-bottom bar snacks AND the prize for the best Christmas-themed team name.

The Good Book tells us that the first will be last and the last will be first. That was certainly the case for the jackpot, which saw the valiant pair 'Santa's Little Quizzers' win through to play for over a £100. Having more quiz players does tend to boost quiz scores but would mean having to share the jackpot with more people. The problem is reversed for a duo. Unfortunately, the jackpot was not won and will only increase next week.

All to play for!

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