Calf Mon, Dec 05 2016 20:00

The Craptaculars take quiz glory, but it was ‘The Curtain Raisers’ who get the jackpot

Charles C

Perhaps prematurely, last night’s first December Calf quiz saw me sporting a rather snug reindeer hoody in what I hoped would be a sea of other Christmas jumpers. It was not. I felt like Rudolph before that fateful foggy Christmas eve. Anyway, self-esteem aside it was quite the evening’s quiz.

It was barely possible to fit a Rizla paper between third and fifth place with just one point in between ‘Gin’ll Fix It’ and ‘H Block’, who were just one behind ‘The Iced Gems’. A very strong performance on the ‘I AM A WEAKISH SPELLER’ anagram and in the cryptic foods questions from all teams was a particular highlight as was the half-time paper aeroplane competition.

When the questions were over, the £144 jackpot was only too present. After the entry question of: ‘how deep is the deepest point on the Earth’s seabed?’, it was ‘The Curtain Raisers’ who earned the right to see the cards. A whirlwind of five hearts and diamonds later and the cash was theirs.

Already excited for next week. People are going to join me in wearing a Christmas jumper – right? Guys? Yes?

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