Calf Mon, Jul 17 2017 20:00

The Curtain Raisers return and take first place.

Charles C

A tough quiz put all teams through their paces last night. With a range from: Huckleberry Hound, through Sierra Leone, to Eric Clapton; it really was a challenge from all angles. Still, ‘Cambridge Associates’ and ‘Lady & the Scamps’ scrapped hard to reach a second-place tie-breaker, while ‘Knee-deep in Klute’ held their own on the picture sheet. However, in the end, it was ‘The Curtain Raisers’ – back from a mysterious few months in deepest, Eastern Europe – who claimed the top spot.

‘LATS’ won through to the jackpot round but the £216 went un-won. Even more for next week. Somebody needs to win it!

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Top Teams
The Curtain Raisers
Lady & the Scamps
Cambridge Associates
Knee-deep in Klute