Calf Mon, Nov 14 2016 20:00

‘The Curtain Raisers’ stage a grand finale. Jackpot ramps up to £270 in thrilling final round.

Charles C

At the halfway point only four points separated the top five teams and the other two were chasing hard, just three points below that. ‘Deporting Mexquizans Juan by Juan’ were in pole position and were literally surrounded by the other teams, circling like sharks, hungry for pub quiz glory.

The paper aeroplane round during the interval had folk on the edge of their seats as ‘Clint’ump' sent a humdinger of a plane almost to the end of the quiz arena only for ‘The Silent Trumpers’ to put an extra metre on that. In a final Robert Ludlum-esque bit of drama, Winasaurus Rex’s promising trajectory morphed into a swoop and hit a pesky beam (a lovely period feature but a real hazard for a paper aeroplane) and plummeted. Its soaring dreams crumpled on the floor. The 'Curtain Raisers’ took 3rd for a well-deserved one point.

The second half saw the intensity intensify. Save for a cheeky Kaiser Chiefs lyrics questions (yeah - who were they?!), the music questions gave way to a handful of movie testers, which ‘The Silent Trumpers' (Best Name) dealt with a Barry Norman-like efficiency. Local family: 'The Fantastic Four-titude' were knocking geography questions aside like flies while 'Trumpton Riots’ had the James Dean movie question signed and sealed almost before I’d finished saying it. The Triumphant Trump-Its nailed the anagram question with fantastic speed.

The Open-To-All Jackpot question (on chess) caused a commotion but, more importantly, Clint’Ump were unable to stir the jackpot. Next week’s pot will be £270. Yet another perfect reason to come to The Calf on a Monday.

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