Calf Mon, Jun 05 2017 20:00

The Other, Other Team just edge ahead of The Other Team for the win

Charles C

With the Bank Holiday but a distant memory, and rain battering the roof and windows, a quiz above all quizzes was needed to lift spirits. Last night's testy trivia teasers were tough but many were memorable. Questions on: magma, Donald Trump, and Fidget Spinners saw the teams fight it out for the top spot. At the end of it all, 'The Other, Other Team' won through over 'The Other Team' to take the bar tab. The jackpot was nearly won but not quite. A roll-over means there will be even more cash to play for next week.

Remember: though the weather outside is frightful, The Calf's always delightful. It's where all the action is; come and quiz, come and quiz, come and quiz.

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The Other, Other Team
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