Calf Mon, Feb 20 2017 20:00

The Septic Tanks put their flag in the ground. (Is the US now completely empty?)

Charles C

High energy, high spirits and high heckle count at last night’s Calf quiz. Just two points between third and first with ‘The Septic Tanks’ just edging ahead for the quiz win. ‘Quiz Tarrant’ played an excellent game, with further dreams of becoming jackpot millionaires, and ended up replacing two right answers with wrong ones (isn’t that the worst?). Just behind was ‘Dead Between The Eyes’, who proved to be a couple that was anything but their chosen team name. They even knew the false rumor about the Indian football team withdrawing from the 1950 World Cup for being told that they couldn’t play barefoot. Where would you even pick that sort of information up?

Anyway, as we always say at The Calf (always, I promise), “every day is a school day” and after learning that a Selenologist is someone who is interested in the moon, our trivia tanks were well and truly topped up. Speaking of full tanks, ‘Superfly’ just missed out on the jackpot, which means there is a roll-over. All to play for next week. #MissItMissOut

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