Calf Mon, Jun 12 2017 20:00

‘The Team With No Name’ romp to anonymous victory

Charles C

A storming evening’s quizzing saw six teams wrestle it out for the top prize at The Calf last night. The folk who knew about Taken, Tekken, the films of Danny Boyle and Jack Daniels found themselves on to a good thing. A couple of free drink questions raised the excitement levels even further, especially for the gentleman, adopted by ‘Quizee Rascal’, who had already been drinking all day (he did not win). Only a handful of points separated the teams at the halfway stage with ‘Quiz On My Face’, Miffy’s Minions’ and ‘The Craptaculars’ all vying for position. However, the second half proved decisive and ‘TTWNN’ pulled ahead for the win. Huge kudos to ‘Quizton Churchill’ who, as a pair, scored very highly on a points-per-person basis.
QOMF won through to the jackpot play-off but didn’t quite beat the cards. That meant it was a rollover. Over £100 at stake next week!

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