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There once was a quiz in Clapham

Mark W

There once was a quiz in Clapham,
Where a poetry challenge did happen,
It wasn't easy to pick,
Just which limerick,
Should win because none was a crap'un!

... that about covers it. So the half time creative challenge for the teams at The Calf this evening was to produce a limerick each, with the challenging aspect being it had to include three words that had appeared in a quiz answer from the first half.

"Pizza Party" took the opportunity to unburden themselves of the disappointment of a tedious dating experience with a girl named Jane.

"I went to the ballet with Jane,
Hadn't realised that she was so plain,
90 minutes of pure drone,
Listening to her constant moan,
I really wish I'd brought the cocaine!"

"Les Quizerables" through caution to the wind with a tale of sex, drugs and total disregard for scansion in the middle two lines.

"There once was a boy named Depp,
Cocaine put a spring in his step,
Winnie was fine,
She liked it up the Guggenheim,
So between them they never slept.!"

However, though competition was stiff, the Laureates of the evening were "Quiz on my Tits" combining a sophisticated use of assonance with vine fruits and impressionists.

"There was a young man named Johnny,
Who thought it incredibly funny,
To sit on a vine,
In the Guggenheim,
And throw his tomatoes at Monet!"

Pizza Party earned the opportunity to try for the roll over Jackpot this week, but didn't make it to the end of the 6 card higher or lower game. Next week we'll reduce the sequence to five cards and the jackpot will be in excess of £140.

Remember it's Hallowe'en next week so if there any players in costume the best will earn bonus marks for their team!

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