Calf Mon, Jan 16 2017 20:00

Turns out 'Should Have Asked Carol' didn't need to ask Carol!

Charles C

A strong evening's quizzing saw us learn that: Sean Connery wore a toupée for all but one of his appearances of James Bond; Stromboli is a real thing; and, that Christopher Columbus was, in fact, Italian. Every day is a schoolday (if you go to a pub quiz every day).

A three-way tie at half-time put a lot of pressure on the second half. 'Norfolk In Hope' should have had more hope as a couple of crossed-out correct answers saw them robbed of more glory. 'Cohesive Agents' took third place with a very respectable score. Meanwhile, across the room, 'Whippets & Wallabies' fought up to the end finishing just two points behind 'Should Have Asked Carol' but then won the chance to play the jackpot. Unfortunately, the cards were against them and there was a rollover. It looks like the Jackpot will be over £100 next week. How good does that sound?!

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