Calf Mon, May 16 2016 20:00

Twin Teams make an appearance

Mark W

Small but perfectly formed! At eight o'clock we had one team of four and one other person who said the rest of his team were on their way, so I delayed the quiz. About quarter past I said we could probably make a start and they could catch up; they arrived just after question three. Two very evenly matched teams - similar age groups; same gender mix and astoundingly both teams independently chose to name themselves "The Other Team"! The second team wondered why I laughed when I swapped their sheets over until they clocked the team name as well. I said "you know usually when two teams have the same name I'd ask one to change, but in this case it's too funny not to keep it as it is. I'll just point at whichever 'the other team' I'm referring to... to avoid confusion.". At half time there was only one point between them, although the team that was a point down pulled significantly into the lead during the second half. Anyway, lots of banter, very friendly; lots of fun.

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