Calf Mon, Apr 24 2017 20:00

"We only expected a consolation prize." - last night's winners: 'At Least We Get A Prize'

Charles C

Coming to a quiz and being told that the prize structure is such that every team will win a prize is one thing. But gaining that expectation and then finding that the prize earned is in fact the top prize is a different thing all together. It was with such a feeling that last night’s winners ‘At Least We Get A Prize’ found themselves wrestling. With just a half-point lead at half-time, ALWGAP put the pressure on – in what was a tricky second half – to put 2.5 clear points between them and the ever-impressive ‘Craptaculars’, who found themselves on the wrong end of some of the picture questions. Those dingbats can be unforgiving.

‘The Team In The Corner’ put in a fine performance, finishing in a very respectable third place; unravelling my favourite question of the evening (deciphering a world map with countries-that-drive-on-the-left shaded) and making short work of the logo question. Although I had to exclude the delicious-looking leg of pork I had bought from the prize bag (I am due to slow-cook it this weekend), each team did get a prize. Hooray! But, the jackpot went un-won. That’s right, that makes it a rollover. More cash to win next time!

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