Castle Holland Park Mon, Sep 10 2018 20:00

Putting On My Shades to Cover Up My Eyes, I’m "Wining Solo"

Celia L

Another Monday and another intimate quiz this evening with 3 teams competing for that first prize £50 bar tab.

It seems my trend at the moment is last minute entries and solo players coming to conquer and surprise all - and tonight our gentleman came under both categories yet came up the inside and overtook both teams!

Congrats to our player “Wining Solo” who will be enjoying all £50 to himself - not a bad way to start the week I’ll say! And congrats also to our ladies of “The Saga Louts” who won the second to last bottle of wine. They also had a chance at our cash jackpot yet didn’t get past the second card, unfortunately!!! What rotten luck, what are the odds!!

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