Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Oct 10 2017 20:00

52 Centries Later

James H

6 teams 24 players and a roll over jackpot. It can only mean one thing. Yup it's quiz time at The Catford Constitutional Club again.

Who knew the bass player was missing from the picture of Roxy Music? And that Carrie Fisher was sadly only 60 when she left us? Well one thing is for certain whether they knew this information or not, our winning team this evening got a stonkingly high score.

They now have a reason to come back next week as they have a voucher to cover their evening and as the jackpot rolled over again to £127 everyone else has a reason to come back too as well as a chance too.

Extra points earned this evening included guessing the hosts age! Sadly I need to get myself to one of those clinics as most guessed high. I blame the the poor lighting though.

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