Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Nov 06 2018 20:00

A Bonnie Night If Ever There Was

James H

8 teams and 28 players lined up for the weekly extravaganza at The CCC this week.

At halfway we had 3 teams closely matched a few points clear of the chasing Pack.

However, the second half saw the regulars stretch their lead over a pairing who were less familiar to the quiz format.

In the end, someone unleashed the hounds because Bonnie's "female dogs" romped away to victory by a convincing 3 points but from 2nd to 3rd there was a further 11 points difference.

"Cameron's Birthday Squad" had a run at the jackpot only to be thwarted on the 3rd card. The Birthday boy only had himself to blame.

We had lots of energy and loads of fun so come and check us out next week when the jackpot rises to £129.

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