Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Nov 20 2018 20:00

A Crisp Event For The Birthday Boy.

James H

12 Teams and 44 players battled this week for free drinks, crisps, money and a voucher and it couldn't have been closer.
The theme this week was all about catching things and we had links to cricket, film names, books and a visit to a certain type clinic offered up as team names.
Whilst the "Catford in the Rye" were clearly the most highbrow, the winner of the theme name who wandered sideways into pole were the "Clapford Crabs".
As for the quiz it really was split evenly between pairs of teams with no less than half the teams sharing pairs of points. (32.5, 32, & 28)
The eventual winners and second place team were very closely matched, but the game of true or false we play at half time was the clincher which separated them in the end with our name winner also being victorious in the quiz.
As for the jackpot we had a short-lived attempt at it from Tony whose birthday it was and who went higher on a five and promptly turned a four as his second card.
However all his hard work in guessing his way to the jackpot attempt was not wasted as he and his colleagues bagged the crisps to go with his birthday cake which came out from behind the bar at half time.
But what a great evening for everybody and if you want to see what all the fun is about come and join us next week when the jackpot should rise to a shade under £200 at £197.
See you then.

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