Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Jun 19 2018 20:00

And on the conveyor belt tonight....... a cuddly toy

James H

Football is taking its toll. The CCC was pretty quiet when I walked in this evening which was unusual given the pub has it on display on a large screen in the bar.

I say it was quiet but that was all to change as 16 1/2 players and A stuffed Giraffe sat down to play what is clearly the quiz of the week.

Leaders 'Sir Trivia MacDonald' at half-time was clearly in front and looked unbeatable but that was before aeronautical engineering and music played a big part in the second half which saw them drop into second place behind a team who had their virtually new baby using the force to help answer questions. This new bundle of joy had cleverly brought along his pet Giraffe as support and it clearly paid off.

The Anagram, well no prizes for guessing which team won the bonus crisps here. 'Team Zero', aka this evening 'Sorry I, must not tell lies, you cheat on me, then time to a bye', was in da house and he had his hand up as I finished the question. Incredible talent.

And so it came down to 'Max's Muses' and 'Experimenting with socks' for the crisps. Winners here were the former but left just prior to hand out so the latter received them.

'Experimenting with socks' also had a shot at the Jackpot but when you draw an ace after a 2 which was to have been followed by another ace anyway this was never going to go.

So £250 rolls over to next week when we do it all again.

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Top Teams
Gary the Giraffe and Crew
Sir Trivia MacDonald
Experimenting with socks
Max's Muses
Crunchy crunchy crunchy chicken wrap!
Team Zero - Sorry I must not tell lies. You cheat on me, then time to say bye!