Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Jul 11 2017 20:00

Bonny's totally eclipses Corbyn! (And all in between)

James H

Loud, raucous, but good humoured banter was the result of another great night down the Catford Constitutional Club.

With 8 teams it was always going to a good contest and none of us were disappointed.

There were two contested questions, of which both were adjudicated to a successful outcome.

Throughout the night it was a pretty close run thing for the middle ground players, but those at the extremities pushed clearly away from the pack by the end of the evening.

We had some great named teams from The Lone Ranger who as the name suggests was a team of one, who drew with the largest team of the evening "I thought it was speed dating!" Who ran with 8.

So it was Bonny's Bitches who were victorious narrowly beating the head of the chasing pack, Sausages,while tail end Charlie's, Corbyn' on the cob firmly brought up the rear.

A great night at the CCC and one that will be remembered for the make up of a soufflé and that the quizmaster was clearly not a Canary Wharf, me old China!

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Top Teams
Bonny's Bit*hes
Quizzy quizzy quizzy can't ýou see sometimes your questions hypnotize me!
Call me Teresa Maybe
The Lone Ranger
I thought it was speed dating
Oh I don't know!
Corbyn on the cob.