Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Sep 19 2017 20:00

Crispy Hatrick

James H

This could have been called reversal of fortune due to the scores of two teams in each half but in the end it was A hatrick of winning the crisps that made one team very happy.

5 teams played for the coveted £50, 3 drinks vouchers and the highly sort after packet of crisps and to be honest they were well shared around the room this evening.

The Lab Rats who were lying a close 2nd at the break were convincingly victorious in the end. However it was the collapse of an innings from 1st half leaders that was the talk of the night.

Perhaps though it was their skill at winning free drinks that was their diwnfall

Added to this the blinding performance in the 2nd half of Quizness as Usual (who were last week's C Team who have finally settled on their name) that was equally remarkable.

As we lost a team who took part in the first half, but knew it was unlikely they could stay for the second but played anyway for the fun of it, meant things got pretty interesting.with the final results.

We were tied for both 2nd and 2nd last. This meant we needed a tie break to win the aforementioned crisps. Winner gets the packet.

Well who knew that Jumpy the dog could skateboard 100m in 19.65secs? No-one actually
But closest were Quizness as Usual who for the third week in a row lifted proudly the potato snack "trophy" albeit this time for actually coming second overall.

So nearly everyone's a winner bringing another night at the CCC to a close.

Watch this space though folks, 'coz next week we get an upgrade and a change of format.

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