Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Oct 03 2017 20:00

Don't mention the C word in October

James H

Fun frollics and good humour filled the CCC once again as it was Tuesday with teams of varying ability chasing The £50 voucher 3 free drinks and those coveted packets of crisps.

Who knew it was 83 days until Christmas? Well tonight's winners did naming themselves after the day and came from behind to claim the prize.

It was close at the top and close at the bottom, but admittedly a chasm in the middle.

Winners of two free drinks this evening LGBT were half time leaders but clearly the alcohol addled their brains and eroded their lead relegating them to 3rd by the end of the night.

Late comers 'Tragic Tuesday' got the crisps but as for the team who made us laugh the most that had to go to 'Quizteama Aguillera' whose answer cockfosters to one of the questions was not only wrong but almost unprintable in the circumstances.

The jackpot rolled over tonight so come and see us next week when it begins at £103 plus participants.

As for me I'm off to do my Christmas shopping!

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