Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Sep 12 2017 20:00

Hands on your buzzer no conferring!

James H

It's Tuesday night and 5 teams sat waiting, chomping at the bit to get underway at the CCC weekly quiz.

Last week's crisps winners The A Team decided that their plan wasn't coming together and decided on a name change to the C Team in the hope that they would get more than the 2nd last consolation prize.

They were joined by another pairing "Professional Couple seeking Double Room" (any offers welcome) , two groups of 3 and a team of 5.

At halfway The C Team had won a free drink but were languishing a point behind PCSDR but ahead of the Hurricanes by a half leaving them in their familiar spot.

Ahead separated by another half point but a few points clear Universilly Challenged lead the Quizlamic State.

It was then time for the 2nd free drink question and for this we battled it out with a game of true or false. Well who knew there was a female ninja turtle called Venus. Well all but one in the room didn't , leaving a member of the Quizlamic State one drink better off!

And so to the 2nd half and now the Hurricanes produced their joker. They had paid for a team of 3 but sadly for them 1 had been missing until halfway. Now fully loaded they put in a seriously impressive 2nd half to leap up the leader board. Had they done this well in the first half who knows what they could have achieved as they moved from last to equal second with QS.

Remaining ahead of the field with a very strong score clearly conferring were the Universilly Challenged who looked invincible. As to whether their hands were on buzzers we will never know!

That left us with the packet of crisps question. In the end it came down to a very respectable 2nd round by the The C Team who for the 2nd week running did not go home hungry!

Another great night at CCC

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