Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Oct 24 2017 20:00

Highly Calorific

James H

6 Teams formed our competition this evening.

Two teams right out on a limb way ahead of the rest of the field proving that if you know the answers, it's easy! Well kind of!

'Team Eric' on paper scored zero, but actually in reality scored much higher. A great competitor and an asset to the competition.

Free drinks were won by players from the team 'Quizzimodo', who also won the 2nd to last placed crisps, and 'Justice for Gingers', who also had a failed shot at the jackpot meaning a rollover next week.

So in the end it was down to 'Bonny's Bitches' and 'Team8' with each team scoring very strong second half results. However due to their stronger first half score it was the former who were victorious.

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