Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Jul 17 2018 20:00

Light Out @ The CCC

Simon J

Everything was going swimmingly... The 1st half had finished incident free... Teams having a great night? Check. Then.....BANG!!!! Power out....granted it was only for a nano second, but that some dramatic start to a quiz report eh folks? No? Ok...

6 team battled it out for the £50 bar voucher tonight down The ol' CCC... It was a close run thing too with just 2 points separating top 3 at the break... "Quiz on my face" went into the break leaders...and they finished winners ... by 1 point... Well done, "Quiz on my face"!

But the big prize was the £250 JP... All teams had a chance of winning, but it was "Superatomic fluffy bunnies" who were victorious in the 'Closest to Q'....all the had to do was navigate 5 cards higher or lower.... 2nd card in showed a 6...A SIX!!!! What would you do?... They went said LOWERRRRRARRRRRHHH!!!! So the JP is up for grabs next week folks...tell one tell all.

Till next time...

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