Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Jan 23 2018 20:00

Love And Kindness Is Victorious - jackpot on £250 now!

James H

10 teams, 26 players and some bootylicious entertainment made up this raucous evening down The CCC.

Once a game (spelling intended) it was a quiz of two halves with several teams vying for the top spot with then a gap and the remainder fighting over the second last prize of packets of crisps for their teams.

Team 'Zero' once again got nothing but won a packet of crisps for again beating the chasing pack to the answer to this weeks anagram! About 11 seconds this week and that was only because it was long and it had to be written down!

The second place prize of nothing was fought over by half a point in the end but the victors won by a further 2.5 points.

As for the crisps, they went to team of Juan (yes only one player and he was called 'Matt! - don't ask, I didn't!')

However for the 3rd week in a row the team that came second last got a chance at the jackpot. So it proves anyone has a chance of that.

So we leave you with these exciting thoughts.

  1. The jackpot is now a substantial £250, so who will win it?!
  2. Who knew that team name 'Enoggera' meant singing and dancing place in Aboriginal.

Answers to questions like these and more will feature in next weeks quiz at the CCC. Until then have a good week!

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