Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Sep 26 2017 20:00

New Space, New Format

James H

Moving from the snug to the main bar at the CCC was always going to be controversial. However I am happy to say it paid off and added to the fact that we ran a new format this evening it was all very well received.

We had some new teams, some passing trade and some familiar teams who all enjoyed the evening.

In the end the winning team Led Quizerables won by half a point but picked a free drink and had a failed hit at this week's jackpot of £77. That now roles over into next week and I imagine will climb to over £100.

As for the crisps. These went to Geof's Happy Birthday who as a team concluded they had had a brilliant evening.

So I look forward to seeing many more next week as the jackpot rises.

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