Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Jul 19 2016 20:00

Shabby chic but not so shabby on the answers!

Jodyanne F

A balmy evening at the Catford Constitutional Club and with the French salon doors thrown wide open to the breeze it was easy to imagine we were on Frenchman Street. The first and third bonus drink questions went to 'Mum's on the Run' with the second being scooped up by 'Arlo + Moe 2'. First prize went to 'Four Hopes and a Shaw' on a spectacular 39.5 points.
It was a draw at the bottom of the table between 'We Lose!' and 'Zhuge Pang Tong Lang'. A tiebreaker was held and won by 'We Lose!' who very kindly offered their spectacular glass beer mug prize over to 'Zhuge Pang Tong Lang'.
Everyone knew their emoji cult classic but the poor little island of Reunion remains uncharted territory.
Onto greater discoveries next week!

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