Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Nov 27 2018 20:00

Spies like us

James H

Due to the sad passing of Baroness Trumpington but in celebration of her wartime exploits at Bletchley Park we had the theme of espionage this evening and what clandestine quiz we had.

Well actually no, it was a riot and far from Clandestine. Bond-themed names featured highly with no less than 5 Bond titles played around with and "Dr No idea" was the one that made the unsuspecting judges laugh the most and who received the bonus.

Some strong results this evening and some brave entertainers too. Keeping with the spying theme we had the best Bond and Dirty Harry impersonators in the pub also competing for bonuses.

When all had wrapped up we had only one Victor with a tremendous score of 38.5.

As for the worst Bond joke. Viagra, it may not make you James Bond, but it will make you one of the actors. As to which I am sure you can work it out for yourselves!

See you next week as the Jackpot rises to £232.

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