Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Aug 07 2018 20:00

"Gals" Just Wanna Have Fun (and Win Quizzes)

William M

It was a hot night at The Catford Constitutional Club and as 6 teams battled it out in a sizzling display of wit, intelligence and an initiate knowledge of dragonfly anatomy.

All teams were terrific, but special mention must go to Team "Asians" as the best sports of the night for taking the quiz in a second language and remaining upbeat throughout.

"The Muffin Tops" were speedy anagrammers and expert at just about everything else, "Back from the Sea" won crisps, "You Have Been Raxxed" won drinks and "Hancock’s Half Hour" won admiration for protein and muscle knowledge (though not an extra point!).

But the big winners of the night were "Gals", a combination of two former teams who showed that working together really can pay off, not just in top prize bar tabs but also in a £250 cash payout following an incredibly tense Play Your Cards Right.

After all that excitement, luckily there was a drop of rain to cool us all down... But come by next week for the hottest quiz around!

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Muffin Tops
You have been Raxxed
Hancock’s Half Hour
Back from the Sea