Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Nov 14 2017 20:00

The fellowship ended up under the thumb

James H

9 Teams played for the coveted golden ticket this evening of that £50 bar tab which can be spent anytime in the following month.

3 teams really struck out this evening going for gold and by half time 'Team Gondor' lead 'The Questing Thumb' and 'Risky Quizness' by a point and two respectively.

At the other end of the scoreboard in the "Crisp Zone" we had 4 teams all within a point of each other leaving 41 sleeps to Christmas in no man's land and 'No Longer Human in the CCC' (AKA Team Eric AKA Team Zero) on zero points even though he answered the majority of the questions correctly.

So with a game of heads and tails for a free drink and a game of true or false for a bonus point halftime proved highly entertaining.

After the break though things moved around quite a bit. A blinding second half by Quizness as Usual elevated them well clear of the Crisp Zone. Meanwhile at the other end of the leader board 'Risky Quiznes's and 'Team Gondor' could not compete with the victors 'The Questing Thumb' who were victoriously 1 point clear of this highly contested quiz.

As for the Crisps this had to be settled with a "closest to" question between 'Loose Change' and 'Eurotrash' with the latter being victorious and delighted.

We then moved to the Jackpot. The question involved the population of Vietnam and with numbers varying from 17 million to 130 million there was quite a variance in guesses. However the winner was the very popular Eric from No Longer Human in CCC who was out by only 300,000! Top guess.

As he attempted to win the jackpot the room was clearly behind him with the atmosphere reaching fever pitch. However, he was unsuccessful with the Jackpot rolling over for another week and now totalling £232.

In the meantime Keeeeeeeep Quizzing and we will see you next week.

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