Catford Constitutional Club Tue, Apr 24 2018 20:00

The Return of the Kings, or rather the Bards - £215 next week!

James H

Big night at The CCC yet again with a fair bit of riotous behaviour and high jinks going on, in addition, to actually answering the odd question or two.

I asked the teams to come up with Topical names this week with a bonus point available to the best. In the end, the clear winner as chosen by some unsuspecting customers in the other bar was Veni Vidi Avici.

"Team Zero aka It's never too late to graduate as Simon and Garfunkel say", absolutely blitzed everybody with the anagram question again and he had his hand up before the question was completed.

In the end, it was down to two teams, "In need of life support" who were leading at halftime and eventual winners who used to be regulars but have been away for some time, Named this evening as 'Shakespeare's New Play - Jews Labours Lost'.

Finally back to team 'Veni Vidi Avici' who I think must have the record for the youngest ever contestant as they introduced us to Ivy their miraculous daughter who was a few months premature. If she had arrived on her due date she would have been about 3 days old. So congratulations to them for their team name but best of all for wonderful Ivy who was better behaved than the quizmaster.

Great night, high energy but the jackpot rolled over once again making it £215 next week. So come on down to have a go at it!

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